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Tesla Model 3 charging

About us

About us

J+ Americas Inc., headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a subsidiary of a leading globally active Swiss manufacturer of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

J+ Americas is present on the North American market with the J+ BOOSTER 2, the universal charger for electric cars. The Swiss engineered device charges with up to 40 amps and has a variety of adapter plugs with automatic power detection for virtually all conventional power outlets. It is characterized by comprehensive safety features, such as the active temperature monitoring J+ CELSIUS in household adapter plugs. Its body is military-grade aluminum for extreme ruggedness. With the J+ BOOSTER 2, J+ Americas offers a portable charger for the North American market that is also particularly suitable as a wall charging station.


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Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Board of Directors
(Left to right)

Christoph Gümbel:

Former Head of “Virtual Vehicle” at Porsche Engineering

Christoph Erni:

Founder and CEO

Thomas Köhler:

Keynote speaker, author, and expert for cybersecurity

and new technologies

Lars Thomsen:

Futurologist and EV expert

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